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american crime

"Huffman especially rings depth out of every scene with a restrained, powerful turn -- and a subtle Southern accent that could be a metaphor for the respectful way the show portrays poor whites." 
--Malcolm Venable, TV Guide

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american crime

"It avoids caricatures of Southern accents (as when non Southern actors try too hard to sound lack us.)" 
--Allen Johnson, News & Record



"The British accents are impeccable under the direction of dialect coach Adam Michael Rose."
--Paul Myrvold

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All American Girl

"Dialect Coach Adam Michael Rose is to be commended on the subtle differences."
--Suzanne Birrell, Discover Hollywood





"I could honestly go to him with any accent and I know I would get the best training possible! His teaching style is unique because he is genuinely a kind and understanding person. That's why I recommend him to all my friends. I could not think higher of him!"
--Caroline Ford

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"I’ve been working with Adam for many years and have always been very happy with his work. Whether it’s a large cast or just an actor who needs some help, Adam is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and willing to dive in!”
--Racquel Lehrman, Theatre Planners