Whether you're going to the set, the stage, or the audition room, I'll help you conquer that dialect! 

How does it work?

We'll start by examining samples of the dialect.
Next we'll break it all down and look at:

  • Vocal tract posture or mouth placement

  • Inflections, rhythms, and melody patterns

  • Individual vowel, consonant, and diphthong changes

Then we'll dive into the script and start transforming the way you speak!

How long does it take?

Depends on what your goals are...
A few pages of dialogue can absolutely be coached in a one hour session.
Complete accent integration (speaking spontaneously and conversationally) will take multiple sessions. 

What's included?

Each lesson includes the following:

  • A recording of the entire lesson

  • Clips and examples to listen to and follow up with

  • A breakdown of the dialect that's custom-tailored to you

Some of the dialects I coach include:
British (RP, Estuary, Posh, Yorkshire), Irish (Dublin, Belfast), Scottish, German, Italian, Russian, Polish, Spanish, Welsh, French, Australian, Israeli, South African, Greek, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Mexican, New York City (Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, NJ), Boston, Maine, New Hampshire, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Southern (Texas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Appalachian, Deep South), Chicago, Minnesota

I also offer AMERICAN ACCENT ACQUISITION (Accent Reduction) coaching.

Work with me

"I could honestly go to him with any accent and I know I would get the best training possible! His teaching style is unique because he is genuinely a kind and understanding person. That's why I recommend him to all my friends. I could not think higher of him!"
--Caroline Ford